The work one does in therapy involves the close examination of one's feelings, attitudes, behaviors, and relationships. Only through an honest self-assessment of one's inner world can one distinguish between the aspects of your personality that lead to integrity and the places that no longer serve your best interests. This work is not always easy. It requires courage and dedication, discernment and compassion. The benefits of the therapy provide a generous motivation: the development of mindfulness, authenticity, and compassion, both internally and in relationship. Through examining one's inner world, one discovers new freedom to create a life that agrees with one's deepest sense of self. 


​Matthew Morey, MFT, PhD

Matthew Morey, PhD, MFT
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One's feelings and attitudes create a filter through which each individual sees the world. If we do not pause to take inventory of our way of living, old patterns that may have developed since childhood can determine our view of life and our current behaviors. Therapy is an opportunity to examine our feelings and the habitual stories we believe about ourselves—and to grow past the old limitations. 

The poet Mary Oliver asks, “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Taking the time to know yourself more fully gives you the opportunity to heal old wounds and make conscious choices to develop a life that you most deeply desire. 

Our work together can help you achieve a greater sense of well-being and authenticity. Through a collaborative relationship based on respect, care, and honesty, therapy provides the opportunity to find and heal old unskillful emotional patterns and reinforce aspects of your personality that you want to cultivate. 

Some of the reasons people come to my practice include the following: 

  • issues of identity and meaning 
  • relationship issues 
  • finding an authentic voice  
  • isolation and loneliness  
  • reclaiming creative expression  
  • healing depression  
  • reducing anxiety  
  • developing self-compassion, generosity, and self-esteem  
  • coming to terms with grief or loss  
  • developing mindfulness in one's life