Matthew Morey, PhD, MFT
Marriage and Family Therapist, #MFC 53254  
626 Balboa Street, San Francisco, California 94118
 (415) 967-2424 

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​Matthew Morey, MFT, PhD

Couple’s counseling is an opportunity to deepen communication and resolve relationship issues. Whether in good times or at the most challenging periods, relationships will change and grow. Old patterns can become an impediment to authenticity and vitality in relationship. How one's relationship grows depends largely on each individual's skill and willingness to honestly share his or her inner world with one's partner.  

Couple’s counseling can deepen communication and offer a venue to take risks. Shedding light on the old familiar patterns often requires courage. Having a trained couple’s counselor in the room as you explore your differences and concerns helps keep the dialogue sensitive and meaningful.   

I work with couple’s in the following ways: 

  • encourage authentic and sensitive communication 
  • explore each individual’s truth of experience 
  • examine difficulties and challenges that emerge in relationship 
  • cultivate a deepening of respect for each individual’s worldview 
  • encourage each individual to examine and share his or her patterns that affect the relationship 
  • discuss the effects of family of origin patterns encourage dedication to further personal growth and authentic communication